Dutch iris

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bulbous Spanish iris having blue flowers

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bulbous Spanish iris with red-violet flowers

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50 on RRP HOW TO CLAIM: To order your free Dutch Iris Mixed Colours and/ or Mixed Bulbs, fill out the order form below.
These include a 150-bulb pack containing 15 gladioli, 50 oxalis, 15 Dutch iris, 20 anemone de caen and 50 sparaxis for pounds 9.
Plant blocks of Dutch iris in sunny positions, planting them about 7.
Snowdrops, Muscari, all the Alliums (ornamental onions), Wood Hyacinth, Anemone, Scilla, and, for the most part, bulb Dutch Iris are left alone.
Today we're giving you the chance to claim 75 mixed Dutch Iris bulbs worth pounds 20.
What I can grow well are irises and I have many different cultivars as well as Iris arabicum, germanica and xiphium, which is what is known here as the Dutch Iris.
Bag of 150 mixed bulbs (20 Gladioli mixed, 20 Dutch Iris Mixed, 40 Acid anther a, 40 Brodiaea, 30 Anemone De Caen) for pounds 7.
These include South African bulbs such as freesia and watsonia as well as bearded and Dutch iris, says Post.
The collections available are Dahlia, Dutch Iris, Gladioli, Tigridia and Montbretia, all showy favourites and excellent as cut flowers.
Plant a row of Dutch iris for cut flowers and put cloches over part of the row to force them to bloom earlier.
We'll send you a 150-bulb pack FREE, comprising: 40 Oxalis, 65 Allium Moly, 10 Freesias, 10 Gladioli and 25 Dutch Iris, so you can enjoy some extra colour in your garden this year.
Plant anemones, crocus, daffodils, Dutch iris, freesias, homeria, hyacinths, ixia, leucojum, lycoris, oxalis, Peruvian scilla, ranunculus, sparaxis, tritonia, tulips, and watsonia.
150 Bulbs Collection: Brighten up your garden with this great jumbo bag of 150 mixed summer bulbs 20 Gladioli mixed, 20 Dutch Iris mixed, 40 Acid anther a, 40 Brodiaea, 30 Anemone De Caen only pounds 7.