Dutch elm

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any of various hybrid ornamental European shade trees ranging from dwarf to tall

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A mass felling programme by the city council began two years ago to combat the outbreak of the deadly Dutch elm disease which destroyed around 70 trees.
Throughout those centuries, it has withstood bouts of Dutch elm disease and poundings from brutal storms like 2012's Hurricane Sandy.
Whether it is the mountain pine beetle attacks in Grande Prairie, flooding and snowstorms in Calgary; the eradication of elms in the Prairies (outside Alberta) from Dutch elm disease; or the destruction of ash trees in Eastern Canada from emerald ash borer, our urban forests are at risk.
Teacher Mr Stephen Broadberry said the shortage of trees in Greenhead Park - a result of Dutch elm disease - had inspired the project.
It was developed by Robert (Bob) and Frances Bickelhaupt in 1970 in response to the Dutch Elm Disease which destroyed the majority of large street trees in Clinton.
American elm gets Dutch elm disease, which has decimated the species as a landscape plant.
? Dutch elm disease: a fungal disease spread by beetles which has devastated Britain's main elm tree species, including the English Elm, Wych Elm and Smooth Leaved Elm.
There are fears that the UK's ash trees are facing a similar fate to its elms, which were destroyed by Dutch elm disease in the 1970s.
The discovery has increased fears that one of the country's most common native trees faces the same fate as the elm, which was devastated by Dutch elm disease in the 1970s.
He specialized in oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, and poplar trees.
Parishioners enjoyed the shade of the 125-year-old tree until it was diagnosed with Dutch elm disease in 2006 and had to be taken down.
of an effort to "re-elm" America, The institute was founded m 1967 to rally support from the private sector for Dutch Elm Disease research.
It lays its eggs on wych elm, which has now largely disappeared from the countryside as a result of Dutch elm disease.
It is threatening to cause a tree epidemic on a scale not seen since Dutch elm disease wiped out most of Britain's mature elms in the 1970s.
Four of the bedrooms have elm flooring, now a particular rarity in the aftermath of Dutch Elm disease.
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