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an exterior door divided in two horizontally

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There are tens of compounds for Dutch doors, clearly demonstrating what a rich source of language renewal this field is.
It can also still function as a garage thanks to a set of glass-paneled Dutch doors opening on the plywood-paneled office side.
The Marie Room has a king-size bed on an open frame and Dutch doors, which open into the garden.
Fashion a pair of Z-frame gate-type Dutch doors in door opening in the open end wall.
In search of his missing mail, Stevens went to the Graceland station and--while waiting for a clerk to check on anything that might have been left behind--he strayed briefly through a pair of double Dutch doors and into a work area.
There are Dutch doors at both ends, so when it warms up outside I can open just the tops or the whole door, for ventilation.
company offers four standard doors and numerous custom-made doors including dutch doors, lead-lined doors and wicket doors, as well as architectural paneling.
The colorful country decor provides landmarks to orient residents; Dutch doors allow residents and staff to keep an informal eye on each other.
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