oblique angle

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an angle that is not a right angle or a multiple of a right angle

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The last shows the two men, naked, as they "wrestle," a hypnotic interplay of glances and grabbing arms shot with striking Dutch angles and light flares, the camera speed shifting from fast to bracingly slow.
With a mix of appropriated footage and material she shot on her own, Child raids the warehouse of noir imagery, with its Venetian blinds, bound-up wrists, dutch angles, and shadows of every size and shape.
What the two social climbers lack in innate sympathy they more than compensate for through sheer pinup appeal, and lush lensing by Ayananka Bose (with Dutch angles and Baz Luhrmann-worthy flourishes) makes the whole ride easy on the eyes.
In "Ranger," he adopts a much more in-your-face approach to the visuals--handheld camera, Dutch angles, slightly distorting lenses--but without these tricks being overdone or becoming mannerisms in themselves.
Docu indulges in fast cutting, slo-mo and out of focus images, dutch angles, speeding clouds, glowing sunsets and other visual conceits completely at odds with the piece's themes and atmosphere.