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Though making up 85 per cent of the European population in the Dutch East Indies, Indo-Europeans had no rights to own land under the 1875 act that limited ownership to the native population.
This made the Dutch East Indies, which was an island empire, vulnerable to invasions by rival colonial powers.
That was in France 1938, when Germany played under the swastika and the Dutch East Indies were one of the 14 teams involved before Italy won the trophy.
A band of treasure seekers head for the Dutch East Indies, where the greatest volcanic eruption on record is about to strike 1968 ?
He was born March 10, 1925, in Semarang, Dutch East Indies, to Ferdinand and Anna Huffenreuter Coester.
The author, born Lisa Gronn-Nielsen to Norwegian parents working in Java, then part of the Dutch East Indies, was seven years old when Japan began the war against her neighbours in 1941.
It begins in the Philippines and ends in the Dutch East Indies (now, Indonesia).
A photograph of Robert Walser's body lying dead in the snow, the exploits of an American naturalist and his wife in the Dutch East Indies, the robust antics of Rabelais's Gymnaste as quoted in Tristram Shandy, the resonance of a sign on a wall in the writer's native Johannesburg--despite considerable impetus, misgivings and constraints defeat him.
Admiral Hart thought otherwise and took steps accordingly to position the Asiatic Fleet to defend the Philippine Islands and the Dutch East Indies as well as it could.
9, 1947, as the Netherlands was trying to reoccupy its former colony after the end of World War II and Sukarno, the nationalist leader of what was then the Dutch East Indies, had proclaimed Indonesian independence after four centuries of Dutch colonial rule.
The herbal's writer, German-born Georg Eberhard Rumf (Latinized as Rumphius) shipped off to the Spice Islands in what is now Indonesia in 1652 to work for the Dutch East Indies Company on its spice route.
He later joined the Far East campaign and served in India, Burma, Malaya and the Dutch East Indies.
After the fall of Hong Kong, Singapore and the Dutch East Indies, some 50,000 British forces were captured by the Japanese.
If you are in Belgium you can take them from the Congo, if you are in Holland you can tap in to the Dutch East Indies.