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an aluminum-based alloy

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Available in a variety of body styles - ranging from an open two-seater sportscar to a luxury two-door saloon - the lightweight Atalantas featured ground-breaking technology such as independent coil spring suspension, hydraulic brakes, an early semiautomatic gearbox, a supercharger and the extensive use of lightweight metals like electron, duralumin and hiduminium.
During the very first engine run [of the first prototype Yak-Jumo] the exhaust gases melted the duralumin skin of the lower fuselage beyond the heath shield (which turned out to be too short) and burned up the tailwheel tyre; apparently nobody had realised that the tailwheel undercarriage was incompatible with the chosen engine placement and the rubbery tyre stood no chances in the hot exhaust
Bursts were registered under various shielded conditions in the laboratory building coated with duralumin sheets (Antarctica); in ship-board space, multiple-shielded by steel deck grillage (RSV "Akademik Fedorov"); and in a cast-concrete building (AARI, St.
The Series 9 notebook is crafted from duralumin, a lightweight material that is twice as strong as aluminium and normally used in advanced aircraft design.
The 20 papers, a small selection from the presentations, consider such topics as slowly relaxing structural defects of zinc films with excited states induced by ion recombination processes, the effects of plates position in vertical casting producing thin wall ductile iron, analytical and experimental models of porosity formation of duralumin cast in vacuum casting systems, determining copper dissolution activation energy in concentrated hydrogen peroxide, and the electrical conductivity of oil palm fiber carbon.
The case is brushed Duralumin, which is twice as strong as conventional aluminum.
The pair of pickups was mounted on a duralumin cylinder, diameter 7 cm and height 9.
Samsung's Notebook 9 Series has been equipped with a vivid "SuperBright Plus" display (400nit) with 16 million color reproduction, all encased in the most advanced duralumin metal alloy.
3-inch laptop is made of Duralumin, a durable type of aluminum alloy typically found in advanced aircrafts.
The plan was to turn the aluminium in everyday kitchenware into the Duralumin used to build Spitfires.
Even during the worst phase of the recession in 1932, the Societe du Duralumin (an alloy manufacturing subsidiary of Pechiney) complained that it was not able to serve all orders because of its limited capacity.
AE Monitoring of Three-point-bending Fracture Process for Duralumin LY12CZ
The numerical values of material properties used in the following illustrations correspond to those of duralumin.
The USF-2000 ultrasonic fatigue testing system can accommodate various materials, including titanium alloys, duralumin and 1000-MPa grade steel.