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Synonyms for dune

Synonyms for dune

a ridge of sand created by the wind


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Elevated water levels are also likely to reach and erode sand dunes along two thirds of the Maryland coastline with less than 5 percent of the coastal dunes being overwashed.
The linear dunes the rover just visited, with peaks running in lines, are only about a mile uphill from crescent-shaped dunes Curiosity studied immediately before.
Then, a friend in Boulder told me about her family's trip to see the giant sand dunes at a little-known national park just north of the New Mexico border.
I first visited the dunes in 2002 prior to their designation as a national park.
Ramlat Tawq is the beautiful sand dunes tucked away at Oman's picture-perfect Wadi Al Abayad.
The air ambulance had to land in the dunes and the girl was taken the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.
A document which has gone before Denbighshire County Council says they are looking at "creating a secondary dune system on the landward side of the existing dunes" in Prestatyn, a part of the North Wales coast which was badly affected by storms in December 2013.
In the middle of the desert, the sand dunes surround you from all sides, giving a peaceful feeling of nature, different from the beach and greenery.
The data collected from the four-year experiment done by Clement Narteau of the Global Institute for Physics in Paris, France, and his colleagues will now enable astronomers to determine weather patterns on other planets by monitoring wind-formed sand dunes, New Scientist reported.
Ancient fossilised dunes act as a backdrop and sienna sand-ripples extend onto grassy plains, a green vein of camelthorn trees and the purple-blue Naukluft Mountains in the distance.
Many times this happens at the expense of the buildings on the beach or behind the dunes.
Interactions between crescent-shaped, or barchan, dunes stabilize the sand mounds and explain how vast swarms of them can persist over time, two new studies find.
Observe: Some towns hit by Hurricane Sandy are building dunes to prevent future storms from washing away beaches.
com)-- The Love the Dunes Team, at South Bay Realty, was named the top rental team for the 2012/2013 Season.
SABSA Dunes Cricket Foundation has taken the initiative to have a full fledge cricket academy at Dunes International School Cricket Ground for boys between the age group 13 to 16 years.