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The US involvement in the region has rapidly grown since 9/11 incident (Bailes, Dunay, Guang, and Troitskiy, 2007).
Dunay notes that while acrylic offers higher light transmission, PC benefits from higher impact strength, higher heat resistance--typically 125 C (257 F)--and higher flame retardance, all of which are important for LED lighting.
Es aun mas dificil averiguar exactamente como traducir esa informacion en mas visitas--en tiempo real--, clientes por cliente" reconoce Paul Dunay.
Testing and personalizing this experience is mandatory for those who want to boost revenues and retain customers," says Paul Dunay, Vice President of Marketing at Maxymiser.
Ce resultat s'inscrit dans la lignee d'autres travaux soutenant que les textes informatifs ont tendance a etre compris davantage a un niveau local, tandis que les textes narratifs seraient compris a deux niveaux, soit tant a un niveau local que global (McDaniel, Einstein, Dunay, & Cobb, 1986).
y Pal Dunay, "The Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a Regional Security Institution", The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (sipri Policy Paper num.
y Dunay, Pal, "The Shanghai Cooperation as a Regional Security Institutionl" en Alyson J.
Kevin Dunay, market segment leader for electrical/electronic and information technology markets with Bayer MaterialScience, works in North America with his New Business and Sales team in the field, which work with the engineers that will be responsible for deciding on the materials utilized in fuel cell components.
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Kevin Dunay is the market segment leader for the medical and consumer segments of the polycarbonates business for Bayer MaterialScience LLC.
9] Dunay, Pal, "The Half-Hearted Transformation of the Hungarian Military", European Security, 14:1, 2005, 17-32
Paul Dunay is one of the foremost experts in social media marketing.
In Hans Gunter Brauch, Ursula Oswald Spring, Czeslaw Mesjasz, John Grin, Pal Dunay, Navnita Chadha Behera, Bechir Chourou, Patricia Kameri-Mbote and P.
In June, Upper East Side jeweler David Webb and New York-based Henry Dunay Designs, whose pieces have been showcased in high-end stores, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.