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truck whose contents can be emptied without handling

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"We developed the XL Bertha[TM] DC-5000 in response to the specific needs of fly ash and coal haulers, but anyone with a larger dump body or with severe sticking problems will love this addition to the family of VIBCO Bertha dumpbody vibrators."
Repositioning the dump body also eliminated weight on the truck frame, and external support mechanisms in the hoist cylinders direct forces away from internal components and help to absorb load impacts.
Page 2-19 of TM 9-2320-272-10 tells how to use the dump body's bedlocks.
Another change in Akron's truck specs: to a dump body with no cross members.
The transmission has an integral hydraulic retarder as standard, The 41.5 [m.sup.3] (SAE 2:1 heaped) dump body is constructed from Hardox 400 abrasion resistant steel for all wearing surfaces except for the floor and tail chute, which are made from 20 mm Hardox 450 material for even better durability in these critical areas.
It's built to withstand 500 ft-lb of impact at -40 F and to handle boulders and chunks of concrete in payload weights similar to an all-steel dump body. Reiter has sold more than 300 units since 1999 at prices of $6500 to $8500 apiece.
Lot N 4 - Box van with dump body for Roads (Signalisation)
If you are looking for a smaller truck-mounted hydro excavator, Super Products has recently added a new unit that features a 6.5 cubic yard debris dump body to its line of Mud Dog products.
stroke high lift cylinder for high lift dump body styles.
The hydraulic system gets pretty detailed itself--it must handle the dump body, a material spreader, and the snowplow on the front."
The hydraulic system, which operates the steering system and the dump body is based on a twin Rexroth gear pump system.
The city purchased three hook lift trucks with three bodies each - a dump body, a hopper spreader, and a brine tanker.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication of one no box structure by dismantling cutting setting and welding of two nos old dump body of 85ton dumper and cutting of old dump body canopy and fabrication of plate by dismantling cutting, setting and welding for fixing at top an
The standard dump body, manufactured by Truckweld, is 14 ft., 8 in.
By the 1980's, it added dump truck bodies and the now very popular Flo N' Dump multi-purpose dump body to their growing line of truck equipment.