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that the abnormal functioning of these ductless glands may change a saint into a satyr; a beauty into a hag; a giant into a pitiful travesty of a human being; a hero into a coward, and an optimist into a misanthrope.
What is personal to the individual is psyche which is rooted in the brain the nervous system and the ductless glands, and is the subtlest expression of one's physical being.
Also, be sure to check out the window display just left of the main entrance, where Powell's features such not-for-sale gems as God Drives a Flying Saucer and Mystery of the Ductless Glands.
Sur, Jan 5th (ONA) The Directorate General for Health Services in the Southern Al Sharqiah Region represented by Sur Referral Hospital in coordination with the Omani Association for Diabetes organized today the 10th conference for diabetes and ductless glands patients under the auspices of Sheikh Ali bin Ahmed al Shamsi , Wali of Sur.
endocrine gland--A ductless gland that produces hormones and releases them into the circulation (eg, pituitary gland, ovaries, pancreas).