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courtier and influential mistress of Louis XV who was guillotined during the French Revolution (1743-1793)

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His waxwork of Marie Jean du Barry (Louis XV's mistress), made in 1765, was the starting point and a significant landmark in the history of waxworks.
Jean du Barry was killed; his body was dismembered and hung from the walls of the chateau.
farines--De Du Barry ci-git le celadon / Qui fait la-bas une fort triste
Prominently displayed are more types, shapes and sizes of foie gras, duck confit, cassoulet and duck fillet - delis from the renowned company Comtesse du Barry.
The intersection of transvestism, theater, and portraiture at the court of Louis XV in eighteenth-century France is the subject of "Troubling Identities and the Agreeable Game of Art: From Madame de Pompadour's Theatrical 'Breeches' of Decorum to Drouais's Portrait of Madame Du Barry En Homme." At a time of intense debate among Enlightenment philosophers over the growing homogenization of the sexes and the inherent threat this loss of "natural" gender difference posed to society, two of the royal mistresses provocatively embraced masculine dress--Madame de Pompadour on stage, and Madame Du Barry in paint (Fig.
Madame Du Barry, mistress of Louis XV, could perform in plays at court as a man while dressed in a skirt, yet employ portraiture to create an identity that suggested a more masculine persona, or did it?
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 The emperor penguin; 2 Crystal Palace; 3 Purple Heart; 4 Madame du Barry; 5 Sirius.
These include Philippe Olivier (rue Thiers) - one of France's most famous cheese makers selling over 350 different cheeses; Charcuterie ED Bourgeouis (Grande Rue) - superb range of vegetable, meat and fish dishes; Fred (Place Dalton) - excellent range of home made bread and patisseries; Chocolaterie de Beussent (rue Thiers) - wonderful choice of speciality chocolates for gifts made in its nearby factory; Comtesse du Barry (rue Thiers) - mouth-watering foodie gifts such as jams, chutneys, oils, vinegars, foie gras, many other pates and aperitifs.
During the succeeding reign of Louis XV, Madame du Barry complained about the noise it made.
1 The emperor penguin; 2 Crystal Palace; 3 Purple Heart; 4 Madame du Barry; 5 Sirius; 6 The Big Bopper; 7 A royal flush; 8 Death Of A Salesman; 9 Clarice Starling; 10 The albatross.
The exhibition explores Sisley's fascination with the landscape of the Parisian suburbs including Louveciennes, where John and Josephine Bowes had lived at Chateau du Barry.
An instant success, Fargeon was first called to Versailles to serve the needs of Jean Du Barry, Louis XV's least admirable mistress.