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a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

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There is no household 'loss' for the drywaller, who probably won't be moving back home with his family.
While the intentions were clear--protect carpenters and drywallers from unfair competition--the "unintended consequences" were not, Infantine said.
There's also the drywaller from Colorado who looked horrified when I mentioned that my newest bow had Split Limbs.
Jesus Gomez, Drywaller, union organizer, Southern California Local 2361, United Brotherhood of Carpenters
But if the carpenter or drywaller is booked for a few days, this one change may delay the project for a week or more until work can be assigned.
Kevin Strauslin, 52, was a drywaller - installing plasterboard panels for walls and ceilings in homes and businesses - for about 30 years, pretty much ever since graduating from high school in Southern California.
My money savings was literally "down the drain" after I'd paid the plumber and drywaller to fix the goof.
The drywaller wanted $9,000, the furnace guy wanted $5,000--we opted for neither.
Ask for used ones at bakery shops or grocery store bakery departments, or check with a drywaller.
For the novice drywaller, there's an inverse relationship between speed and quality: The more you rush it, the worse the results.
Father Salandini has invited his friend Cesar Chavez, the United Farm Workers' leader who has already given the drywaller strikers his encouragement.
USG's "EL MERO MERO DRYWALERO" star drywaller competition will host seven events to identify the top drywaller in the Dallas area.
Maybe the drywaller can do 10 homes a week, but the painter can only do seven," says George Casey.