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Dryopteris erythrosora, commonly called Autumn fern, shows off colorful fronds through the season.
Revision of the American Species of Dryopteris of the Group of D.
& Fisch.) T - Kuhn Doryopteris concolor T + Dryopteris filix-mas (L.) Schott T + Dryopteris muenchii A.
0.027 0.28 0.31 Cystopteris protrusa 0.074 0.14 0.21 Danthonia spicata 0.014 0.14 0.15 Deparia acrostichoides 0.064 0.21 0.27 Dioscorea villosa 0.098 0.21 0.31 Diphylleia cymosa 1.972 0.84 2.81 Dryopteris intermedia 1.479 1.12 2.60 Dryopteris marginalis 0.024 0.07 0.09 Eurybia divaricata 2.935 4.12 7.06 Eutrochium purpureum 0.513 0.21 0.72 Eutrochium steelei 0.051 0.07 0.12 Festuca subverticillata 0.027 0.28 0.31 Galium triflorum 0.520 1.12 1.64 Helianthus microcephalus 0.007 0.07 0.08 Houstonia purpurea var.
In the backyard, an arc of autumn ferns (Dryopteris erythrosora) flanks the circular flagstone patio.
TYPE: Holotypus hoc loco: Hypno-Polypodion Mucina 1993 (Mucina, 1993: 267) DIAGNOSTIC TAXA OF THE ORDER: Bartramia pomiformis Hedw., Dryopteris dilatata, Hypnum cupressiforme L., Oxalis acetosella, P.
The highest rated natives are Quercus shumardii and Carex planispicata (C = 7) and Carex conjuncta and Dryopteris carthusiana (C = 6).
This association includes species such as Viola canescens, Fragaria indica, Dryopteris fragilis, Geranium nepalense, and Pinus wallichiana and all of these generally occur in the damp woods or the edges of streams on the damp to wet soils [6].
From the market point of view, Adiantum incisum (8.1 US dollars [Kg.sup.-1]), Fragaria nubicola (8.1 US dollars [Kg.sup.-1]), Dryopteris ramosa (7.1 US dollars [Kg.sup.-1]), Veronica laxa (4.0 US dollars [Kg.sup.-1]), and Viola canescens (3.1 US dollars [Kg.sup.-1]) were found to be the most valuable species economically (Table 1).
Dilleniaceae Chalta English: Elephant apple Dioscorea esculenta Dioscoreaceae Maetae alu (Lour.) Burkill English: Lesser yam Dryopteris filix-mas L.
The Bowden Ferns stand was a masterful composition, including Osmunda regalis Purpurascens and Dryopteris sieboldii, and Harvey's Garden Plants had more lovely plants for shade: Beesia calthifolia, dark Trillium kurabayashii, delicate Primula sieboldii Manakoora and Speirantha convallarioides, a close relative of the Lily of the Valley.
anthropophyte garden and courtyard Dryopteris filix-mas (L.) Schott hemeradiophore forest Dryopteris spp.
Dryopteris cristata and Vaccinium macrocarpon are threatened, while Cypripedium acaule, Glyceria taxa and Woodwardia virginica are of special concern (Table 3).