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Synonyms for drydock

a large dock from which water can be pumped out

maneuver (a ship) into a drydock


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Enormous timbers and planks are required during each Constitution D&I, and because technology allows an inspection of even more of the ship's fabric, more and more wood will be required during this drydocking.
For the first time ever, the ship has remained open to visitors throughout the drydocking. A raised ramp with clear acrylic fencing puts visitors to the ship right on the edge of the dry dock, with a view of workers removing the starboard-quarter galley for repairs or replacing pin and fife railing with live oak from trees blown down by Hurricane Hugo.
He explained that changing the crew and the financial arrangements that are involved are a challenge but the company has incurred a cost of over $15 million in the process of drydocking.
Through the accord, member companies (Teekay Shipping Corp., Vancouver, Canada; World Wide Shipping Managers Pte Ltd., Singapore; and Marenostrum Ltda., Lisbon, Spain) have allocated all of their 2003 drydockings to International Coatings Ltd.