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the outstanding poet and dramatist of the Restoration (1631-1700)


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Waterford Lodge won a Morpeth derby with Black Swan 3-2 thanks to William Dryden, John Farrell and David Curtis.
Honors: Alexandra Bellerose, Stephanie Bertrand, Jeffrey Bieniek, Kelley Blanchard, Kristina Breton, Danielle Buduo, Joseph Caggiano, Carolyn Chandley, David Cormier IV, Carolina Cotter, John Cozza, Victoria Creedon, Micaela Cronin, Charda Davis, Emily DeVoie, Sarah Dryden, John Feeley, Matthew Garcia, Stephanie Gibree, Ryan Griffin, Taylor Judd, Jessica Kazanovicz, Courtney Keefe, Jahan Khalili, Keith Klucznik, Kathryn Mahoney, Alaina Masterson, Joseph McElroy, Ashley McShea, Derek Mobilio, Daniel Mott, Colin Mulvey, Brianna Munoz, Brittany O'Hearn, Anthony Pastor, Emily Paulsen, Eric Peterson Amanda Prifti, Meg Rondeau, Benjamin Senecal, Fidgi Simeon, Thomas Somi, Angela Vizzo and Kevin Walsh.
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(34) [John Dryden, John Crowne, and Thomas Shadwell], Notes and Observations on "The Empress of Morocco," in vol.
Absalom and Achitophel Verse satire by Dryden, John published in 1681.