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a United States unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds

a British unit of weight equivalent to 2240 pounds

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3: Spatial estimates of poplar biomass yields (dry tons per acre per year) from suitable irrigated croplands and nonarable lands (nonirrigated pasture and grasslands).
Department of Agriculture and Department of Energy (DOE) project that nationwide about 1.3 billion dry tons of cellulosic biomass (equivalent to 1.5 billion barrels of petroleum) could be available annually nationwide, enough for a major impact on energy use (Perlack et al.
At conversion efficiencies of 20% for conventional biomass-fueled, steam-cycle power generation, each increment of $10 per dry ton in feedstock cost adds approximately $0.01 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to the cost of electricity.
For example, integrating cutting and raking into a single operation without sacrificing speed reduces collection costs by $1.75 per dry ton ($1.93 per dry metric ton).
Their results showed that about four million dry tons of woody biomass can be produced every year in the state (Fig.
rate (min) (BDT/PMH) Unit 1 309.48 2.31 Unit 2 223.88 2.78 Unit 3 158.01 3.80 Unit 4 151.89 4.28 Overall 178.55 3.49 (a) BDT: bone dry ton. (b) PMH: productive machine hour.
Reported prices paid for all fuel types ranged from less than $5 per dry ton to more than $20, with the exception of municipal waste, which was reported only for the $5 to $10 and $11 to $20 categories (Table 8).
The measured VOC emissions from heartwood and sapwood lumber samples were 6.21 and 3.27 pounds per dry ton as carbon, respectively.
Two pounds of polymer per dry on is used with WAS; six-and-one-half pounds of polymer per dry ton with digested sludge.
Hauling costs were high as well, and organic polymer flocculant usage was as high as 15lb per dry ton of cake.
[a] Dry tons harvested Harvest cost per acre Harvest cost per dry ton ($) 20 539.81 26.99 30 699.07 23.03 40 885.16 22.13 50 990.75 19.81 60 1,096.34 18.27 (a.)Harvest cost data were provided by Marie Walsh, Oak Ridge (18).
The structure guarantees a contracted minimum annual floor of 49,000 dry tons which moderates the project's volume risk by providing a level of revenue stability.
For the wood pellet industry, we began by analyzing the impact of a pellet mill with an annual processing capacity of 75,000 dry tons of biomass, which represents the upper capacity of existing wood pellet facilities in the United States (Lu and Rice 2011).
Vital to the supply chain and the entire operation of the Nevada biorefinery are close to 500 local farmers, who will provide the annual 375,000 dry tons of stover needed to produce this cellulosic ethanol from within a 30-mile radius of the facility.