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Synonyms for tetrachloroethylene

anthelmintic agent used against hookworm and other nematodes

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AMMONIA: Better known as a dry cleaning fluid and toilet bowl cleaner, this is added to tobacco for flavour.
A tin of dry cleaning fluid, or paint thinners in the garage or under the sink is more of a risk.
Causes may include sewage, oil, underground storage tanks, even dry cleaning fluids.
Mind you, these dry cleaning fluids don't half shrink the waistband over the years.
Without harming themselves, the house plant elite can absorb the chemicals found in paints, varnishes and dry cleaning fluids, as well as car exhaust fumes and tobacco smoke.
I also filed some Freedom of Information Act requests and uncovered the presence of dry cleaning fluids in my hometown drinking water wells.
The harmful phenomenon results when soil is contaminated with volatile chemicals such as dry cleaning fluids and petroleum.