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Synonyms for drumhead

a membrane that is stretched taut over a drum

performed speedily and without formality


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Turned the other way with the distal end turned upwards and drumskin by knee, I suggest (although I never heard this mentioned), the 'womb' of the drum spatially parallels that of a woman's (Eggertsson 2013).
Auctioneer Gerry McAfee said he expected people to beat their way to his door to bid for the drumskin next Thursday and Friday.
The bass drumskin used on the front cover of The Beatles' 1967 albumSgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
The band gifted Jon's trademark Fender guitar - used to write Chelsea Dagger - artwork for the single's sleeve and a signed drumskin to be raffled to raisemoney for the charity.
BIFFO got his nickname as a youngster in the Corp of Drum, by "biffing" the drumskin harder than anyone else.
so like a riveted drumskin or the canvas of a trampoline,
The race for this year's Midland Championship is drumskin tight; old timers can recall no contest so tense.
25pm), Fine Cotton had already tightened like a drumskin to 7-2.
Male initiation focuses on bloodletting in "Tight-lipped with pain" (Kirk 1973:358-9), and human blood is used to attach a drumskin to its base in "Human blood binds lizard skin to jungle drums" (Kirk 1972:4067).