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a mound of glacial drift

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From the Scrabo vantage point, you see how all the drumlins point west to east, with their lower end facing the direction the ice was going.
The researchers, who carried out detailed observations on the ground and using aerial photography, say the evidence includes glacial features such as elongated rounded mounds or drumlins and hummocky landforms or moraines.
He had broad interests, from raising experimental roses, to traveling with geology guide books in search of eskers, drumlins and glacial striations.
Most of the depressions probably resulted from increased glacial erosion and formed at the same time with the drumlins, as they are also elongated in the direction of ice movement.
The maps are based on new information on glacial landforms, such as moraines and drumlins, which were discovered using new technology such as remote sensing data that is able to image the land surface and seafloor at unprecedented resolutions.
I think she was suitably impressed by the beauty of the glens and drumlins.
Cornfields undulated along the drumlins towards Lake Ontario until the 401 sliced through.
Magnificently showcasing the effects of continental glaciation (in some places the flow of glacial ice was as much as two miles deep) created a variety of geologic features including kames, kettles, drumlins, ice-walled-lake plans, eskers, tunnel channels, basalt bluffs, dells, and rock-strewn terminal moraines.
To understand these questions, you must come with me to a small but picturesque river located deep in central Ontario, tucked somewhere between the serene drumlins of Buckhorn and the rugged landscape of Bobcaygeon.
The drumlin is situated in the central part of the Kolga-Jaani group of drumlins, where numerous sites and stray finds dating to various periods of the Stone Age and Bronze Age have been registered.
ANGLESEY has the most extensive tract of ancient rocks in Britain south of the Scottish Highlands: the resulting drumlins give the island its characteristic "basket-of-eggs" topography.
The Kangowan River lies within the central Arctic lowland, which consists of gently rolling tundra dominated by rock outcrops, drumlins, sedge meadows, and marshes, interrupted by shallow tundra ponds and lakes (Ryder, 1972).
Here, visitors lounge on summer days to contemplate Red Creek Marsh and views of rolling drumlins in the distance, a landscape cradling cattails and dark, tannin-stained waters.
Choose from trekking in the forest to hill walking routes through the drumlins to hidden woodland.
Investigation of interglacial deposits at Rongu and Karukula, tills, and the structure and formation of drumlins, as well as works on the lithology and lithostratigraphy of Ordovician and Devonian rocks serve as Orviku's significant contribution to Estonian geology.