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a stick used for playing a drum

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A lot of people don't realise how many drum sticks you need to create different sounds and colours.
Keeping to the upscale kitchen theme, Pedrini is introducing a line of elegant rolling pins from famed drum stick maker Vic Firth.
For the next few minutes, the class needed little prompting to come up with interesting uses for the pen: a ruler, a plant support, a hair fluffer, an ear cleaner, a weapon, a pointer, a drum stick, a book mark, a fondue fork (chocolate only), a lapel decoration, a finger splint, a tool for cleaning corners, a peripheral vision measuring stick.
We were handed a drum stick, that Kev had thrown out during the set, to sign.
The drummer was famed for his hard-hitting style - he used the largest drum stick on the market - and was famed for his drum solo Moby Dick which could last for half an hour.
Coloured and double flowered primroses, Auriculas and Primula denticulata, the drum stick primula, will all reward you well.
I did actually hear such an ad in September but let's face it, July isn't a turkey drum stick away from September.
People crowded round them to talk, pick up a drum stick and have a bash.
A signed drum stick by Steven Adler, the Guns N Roses original drummer.
I peered closely at the blossom and thought how perfect the pink and white flowers were with each stamen dotted with yellow pollen like a miniature drum stick.
If you are not the lucky overall winner, we also have two runner up prizes to give away - each will win a jar of Retro sweets, packed with classics, such as jelly beans, flying saucers, drum stick lollipops and sherbet dips.
She also explores a variety of different and somewhat unorthodox vocal techniques, such as verses composed entirely of buzzing noises made with the lips, beatbox-style flourishes in the middle of ballads, or the use of a drum stick to tap rhythms on the body of the piano or chair.
There's that single drum stick caught at the Captain Beefheart gig; the signed photograph of Bert Weedon.
Tenders are invited for Side Drum Stick Set Specification:- Size:-Lenght 14 Inches, Dia 1.