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a pre-Christian priest among the Celts of ancient Gaul and Britain and Ireland

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As disclosed by RNS on August 31, 2016, the latest gross (100%) well cost for the Druid exploration well is now estimated at c.
I will then discuss the revival of Druidry (also known as Druidism) within the context of Neopagan earth worship, and provide an overview of ADF Druid beliefs and practices, including their ritual structure.
We are excited to collaborate with Virtustream and Skilled Analysts in empowering customers to leverage the power of their vast amount of data by using the Druid analytics database," said Mike Driscoll, CEO at Metamarkets.
The decision to grant the Druid Network charitable status will give druidry valuable tax breaks, as well as the position of a genuine faith.
As Ronald Hutton demonstrates in this densely erudite yet splendidly readable book, most of what is known concerning the Druids could be written on the back an envelope.
Rival druid leader Michael McGrath, who calls himself the archdruid of Tara, has told his supporters to shoot rival Con Connor "on sight".
Some Scots are returning to the paganism of the ancient priestly caste of Druids (which practiced human sacrifices).
The Druid ritual was entirely disconnected from it.
Druid expects to see ERP revenue squeezed further over the next six months but intends to continue with its investment program.
For all this excitement, a recent interview found Hynes in remarkably measured form: Though quietly happy with her recent success -- "It's been fantastic," she says -- her attentions seem firmly focused on the ongoing life of the "Leenane" plays and, above all, on Druid and on Galway itself.
Their distinguishing badge was a serpent's egg (see Druid 's egg ), to which powerful properties were credited.
The midwife, who started practising as a druid a decade ago, is a trustee with The Druid Network, which has spearheaded the charity drive.
Tanequil is part of the High Druid of Shannara series, which in turn is part of Brooks' adventures set in the Shannara world.
Markale's examination traces the appeal of the Black Madonna back to ancient goddess legends and times and provides plenty of insights into Druid mysteries.