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a person who controls an organization dealing in illegal drugs


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There is an urgent need to equip our drug law enforcers with the capability to stop the drug menace at its very core, to cut the roots of the drug syndicates and convict drug lords and not just the peddlers," Belmonte stressed.
An inspection of the confiscated phones revealed the imprisoned drug lords were receiving international calls for alleged drug transaction activities, said NBI chief, Atty.
BEIRUT: Internal Security Forces arrested eight drug dealers in Mount Lebanon over the weekend after an investigative reality TV show revealed the identities and locations of the country's most notorious drug lords.
Both Bhola ( drug lord Jagdish Singh Bhola) and Bajwa spoke in the same language, which proved Bajwa's complicity in the conspiracy.
Mexico's richest and most dangerous drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman was captured on Saturday, and since then the whereabouts of his 24-year wife Emma Coronel, with whom he has twin daughters, has become a topic of national interest.
As Giancarlo, the dapper King of the Drug Lords, Richard Norton (a Chan-movie veteran) has a meanness that gives the film a boost.
Drug lords who make millions from the misery of our country's 15,000 addicts are to blame.
Switzerland, officials note, has recently become significantly more cooperative in helping track the funds of drug lords and financial criminals.
TOUGH new laws making it easier for Gardai to clamp down on money-laundering by drug lords and white-collar criminals will come into force in the New Year.
Faced with a growing clamor in Washington about the corrupting influence of Mexican drug lords, Foreign Minister Angel Gurria issued a strongly worded appeal to President Clinton on Tuesday, asking him to renew Mexico's certification as a cooperative ally in the fight against drugs when he files an annual progress report to Congress this week.
Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo, the former commissioner of the National Institute to Combat Drugs, was under suspicion of doing business with one of Mexico's most powerful drug lords.
POISONED heroin which has killed eight addicts in Dublin and struck down hundreds more with mystery illnesses may have been contaminated by Colombian drug lords.
Mexico's drug czar has been fired and arrested on suspicion of accepting payments from one of the country's most powerful drug lords, the defense secretary said Tuesday.
GRASSING by rival gangs has cost Ireland's warring drug lords pounds 30 million this year.
If the judge had deprived them of that theory, they would have been left to come up with something even wilder, like space aliens or Colombian drug lords,'' Gold said.