Drug Enforcement Agency

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federal agency responsible for enforcing laws and regulations governing narcotics and controlled substances

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The Liberian Drug Enforcement Agency benefited from new leadership in 2012 and, in recognition of its growing effectiveness, began to receive international donor assistance for the first time.
Drug Enforcement Agency and the Massachusetts State Police K9 Unit, investigated.
The Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) were set up in May last year to combat organised crime, particularly drug trafficking.
Drug Enforcement Agency, which has an office at the U.S.
He was a police officer and detective in Florida before serving throughout the United States and in foreign posts for the Drug Enforcement Agency. Spasaro worked for the DEA in its Salem and Bend offices before retiring from its Eugene office this month.
Figures published by the Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency revealed it netted four times more than in previous years.
Drug Enforcement Agency in the fight against drug smuggling rings operating in Guyana.
Drug Enforcement Agency suspects that traffickers moved as much as 10 tons of drugs through the fireplace tunnel.
While the drug lords, suppliers, and corrupt officials come across as despicable and venal characters, their opposite numbers in the Mexican police force and the Drug Enforcement Agency are not paragons of virtue either.
Drug Enforcement Agency showed over 7,500 clandestine lab seizures, with the largest numbers in western states such as California, Arizona, and Washington, followed by midwestern states such as Missouri, Iowa, and Arkansas.
Raves--all-night dance parties popular among many gay men--have been a frequent target of the federal Drug Enforcement Agency because some attendees use party drugs such as ecstasy, crystal meth, and ketamine.
Drug Enforcement Agency survey found that one out of every 10 people in Baltimore is a drug addict, Methodist pastor Tim Warner decided enough was enough.
Drug Enforcement Agency has come to a similar conclusion.
LAREDO: A former agent for the US Drug Enforcement Agency was sentenced to seven years in jail for trying to hire a hitman to settle a vendetta.
The principle is important because dogs are an important part of the Drug Enforcement Agency's repertoire, says Rick Barnett, a San Diego lawyer specializing in forfeiture cases.
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