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a test to insure that a vehicle is roadworthy

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Women, however, can learn to drive and take the driving test in an automatic or manual transmission vehicle.
New Delhi [India], Dec 28 ( ANI ): In a bid to promote safe driving in the national capital, particularly ahead of festivities surrounding the New Year, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) announced plans to set up state-of-the-art automated driving test centres across 12 locations in the city.
The dispute is about the new driving test and also working patterns.
DRIVING tests could be cancelled next week as the Public and Commercial Services Union holds a two-day strike.
The examiners are to stage a 48-hour strike from December 4, the day the new driving test is launched.
This consultation seeks views on both the detail of GDL and the proposed changes to the driving test.
Using a satnav You might have spotted that in the previous section - the satnav is being introduced to the driving test.
Ensuring the driving test is relevant in the 21st century, for example the introduction of sat navs, will go a long way towards doing this.
It's vital that the driving test keeps up to date with new vehicle technology and the areas where new drivers face the greatest risk once they've passed their test.
uk) joined forces with Britain's biggest independent road safety charity in an exercise to see if the UK's driving test, which marks its 80th anniversary this year, still meets its objective in allowing only the most competent drivers onto the road.
Since it's introduction, the biggest developments in the driving test came into effect in the past two decades.
The number of road traffic accidents cannot be ignored and passing the driving test is only the beginning of a life time behind the wheel.
A SURVEY for Sight Care has revealed that a 'shocking' number of drivers may be on the roads with eyesight poor enough to fail a driving test.
The "Game of Thrones" star, who portrays Arya Stark in the HBO series, revealed to her thousands of Twitter followers that she has passed her driving test and it was her first attempt.
It knows that you've been sneaking up to Oakridge to take your driving test to get your license.
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