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a custard-like food made from curdled milk

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said Wednesday that it has set up a second plant in Mexico to double production of drinkable yogurt, called Soful, in view of its popularity in the country.
Bottle prospects will be aided by robust expansion for single-serving plastic bottles with milk and drinkable yogurt.
The Company's main product lines are organic and all-natural fluid milk, ice cream and drinkable yogurt.
is Techne's Model 4000T660, an 18-cavity continuous-extrusion unit for single-serve bottles for drinkable yogurt.
Lastly, the company has launched YoBaby Drinkable Yogurt, an organic whole milk yogurt developed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of infants and toddlers.
Drinkable yogurt is defined as a dairy-based yogurt that is drinkable and in a liquid form that may or may not include fruit or fruit flavoring.
Quick-serve restaurant chains are able to merchandise high-protein items, like Greek yogurt, high-protein probiotic drinkable yogurt, and "power salads or packs," separately in a dedicated space near the register or entryway.
Yovana's offerings center on premium refrigerated yogurt, prepared fresh in-store every day, in a variety of serving options including fresh yogurt parfaits, and drinkable yogurt smoothies featuring seasonally fresh fruit and organic wholegrain granolas.
In markets as diverse as Greece, Romania, Finland, and Italy, Drinkable Yogurt grew by more than 40% Interestingly, in the United States, drinkable yogurt showed growth of only five percent.
leader in drinkable yogurt, capturing more than double the share of the second most popular brand.
In early 2002, the yogurt manufacturer launched what it says is the first drinkable yogurt in the U.
Excluded from this report are frozen and drinkable yogurt products.
For example, while Yoplait Nouriche falls under the drinkable yogurt category, the company considers it a form of smoothie and positions it as such, thus riding on the coattails of the smoothie's popularity.
Niche segments such as drinkable yogurt & kefir and yogurt marketed to men are staking claim to their own share of the pie.
supplier of plastic containers for hot-fill juice and juice drinks, sports drinks, drinkable yogurt and smoothies, nutritional supplements, wide-mouth food, dressings, condiments, and beers; the leading global supplier of plastic containers for yogurt drinks; the leading supplier of plastic containers for liquid laundry detergent; and the number-one supplier in the U.