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fish cured by being split and air-dried without salt

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The top sources of sodium for children are instant noodles, bread, dried fish, processed meat, condiments, and fish.
The first floor will have offices, stalls for dried fish and a restaurant.
A fisherman demonstrating the fish cutting techniques on a stall at the 7th Dried Fish and Fishing festival.- Photo by M.
Dried fish, cigarettes and industrial salt are among the main exported products, Saidi added,Trendreports referring to IRNA.
While it has been causing discomfort to many, the intense heat being felt in Pangasinan province in the last few days has been benefiting salt farmers and dried fish makers.
Furthermore, the public is informed that the prohibition of export of dry fish is no longer in effect and therefore export of dried fish is allowed.
The dried fish is stocked for use in the bitter cold of the winter when heavy snowfall cuts off the Valley from the rest of the country.
READ: Miss Universe Vietnam visits Philippines Nie also posted photos of her eating dried fish or "tuyo"which she described as her favorite meal.She said "tuyo"is called "Ca Kho" in her hometown.
Ready in 30 minutes 8 frozen white fish portions, such as coley or pollock, thawed 60g wholemeal bread, crumbed 1 tsp dried fish seasoning 1 tsp onion granules 1 egg, beaten Low-calorie cooking spray 2 x 560g cans new potatoes in water, drained and halved lengthways Vegetables, to serve 1 Preheat the oven to 200degC/fan 180degC/gas 6 and line a baking sheet with non-stick baking paper.
Medical experts recommend the consumption of fish especially for people suffering from heart disease as it delivers the heart omega-3 fatty acids more effectively than fried, salted or dried fish also lowers the blood pressure and help reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.
But those intending to make prahok, pha'ak and dried fish for daily consumption can wait for the second phase, which will come during mid-January next year.
The amount was intended to procure dried fish in the provincial city of Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County, near the Liberian-Sierra Leonean border.
Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has clarified that dried fish and prawns will not be charged the Sales and Service Tax (SST).
Dried fish in particular is one of the highly digestible and respectable sources of proteins and essential minerals in the tropics but it is highly prone to insect pest infestation at storage (Odeyemi et al., 2000).
The baskets and mats are used widely in the fishing sector for storing, packing and processing dried fish.