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United States actor (born in Ireland)


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As soon as she drew close to it she discovered all in a moment that the figure was a living person; and the shock to her sense of not having been alone was so violent that she was quite overcome, and sank down nigh to fainting, not, however, till she had recognized Alec d'Urberville in the form.
They listened intently, and heard the supper-party resettle themselves, and then gently drew back first one bolt and then the other.
Each boy as his name was called drew a ticket from the hat, and opened it; and most of the bigger boys, after drawing, left the hall directly to go back to their studies or the fifth-form room.
After Drew (Billy Miller) spent years believing he was the real Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), it was revealed the two were twins and Drew received Jason's memories.
Drew remains involved as CEO, but he says Ristau and other key Far West executives will lead the company into its next two decades of growth and change.
2002-2003 TEI President Drew Glennie (left) accepts his plaque from 2001-2002 President Bob Ashby.
THE RECENT ENACTMENT OF the first major overhaul of campaign-finance law since 1974 ought to provide great material for a book, and Elizabeth Drew ought to be the ideal journalist to write it.
For some reason, in this particular case, Escher drew a pattern of lines somewhat different from that in Coxeter's original drawing.
We did a little detective work of our own and dug up some secret inside info you probably already know Cameron Draz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu are starting as the crimefighting two Cameron is playing brainy bookworm Natalie Drew does tough cool chick Dylan And Lucy's cast as Alex, an elegant caper queen Bill Murray works his comic magic in the Bosley role And word has it that John Forsythe is once again heard but not seen as the Angels mysterious boss Charlie.
I drew a $1 bill, which I gave to the New York Dance Company as a donation valued at $1.
Indeed, this could very well be the case, had Drew's decision to allow Murcutt to 'speak directly' to his audience not deprived the book of all analytical content.
Since the real Jason Morgan returned to "General Hospital" and it was revealed that the man living his life was actually his twin, Drew Cain, the news has been hard to accept for both characters.
The students started out by folding a 9" x 12" piece of white drawing paper in half and then, starting on the fold, drew only half of the bug.