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a robe worn before dressing or while lounging

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The night staff on the dementia suite of the home are taking part in a pilot scheme which involves them wearing their pyjamas and dressing gowns at night in a bid to improve the lives of residents living with the disease.
When he arrived at the spot we were doing the photoshoot we whipped off our dressing gowns and held props in strategically placed positions to hide our modesty.
The Girls launched into Biology and ripped off their dressing gowns to reveal tight little black dresses.
The most apparent infrastructure lacuna is the bathroom arrangement, but since the Japanese seem to have sorted this out in their capsule hotels (surely the parent of this idea) maybe mine is a flawed vision of night-time ply doors flapping open to reveal happy campers in dressing gowns and sponge bags milling around in search of a hearty tooth clean.
OK, so they weren't still in their dressing gowns - but it's hardly gonna entice the crowds in is it?
Knit fabric, dressing gowns and robes, and bras will be subject to the import curb which is allowed under commitments made by China for its accession into the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Mick Jagger, 60, Keith Richards, 59, Charlie Watts, 62, and 56-year-old Ronnie Wood even put on their dressing gowns after the latest gig on their sell-out world tour.
Shipments of manmade fiber trousers, knit shirts, and dressing gowns and robes, among many other categories, have decreased by as much as 72%.
I'D like to apologise to all those Scousers who've had to put up with the sight of me and my old Anfield rival Aldo parading around town in our dressing gowns this week
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan warmed themselves with hot water bottles and wrapped up in dressing gowns as they battled icy winds and drizzle on the Parade, off City Road.
From fluffy dressing gowns to cosy socks and tights, snuggle up and look good this winter.
I ask the moaners to observe, only two or three patients are wearing dressing gowns, the other smokers are visitors
Gone would be the patients, dressed in pyjamas and dressing gowns, puffing their ciggies.
A CHAIN store has recalled about 10,000 dressing gowns after a scare they might have been contaminated by a chemical substance.