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Synonyms for dresser

a person who dresses in a particular way

a wardrobe assistant for an actor

low table with mirror or mirrors where one sits while dressing or applying makeup

a cabinet with shelves

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There is not only the herd, but the shearer and brander, and then the dresser, the curer, the dyer, the fuller, the webster, the merchant, and a score of others.
Millions of the Sweedish retailer's unsteady dressers were recalled due to the possibility of deadly tipping accidents.
Ikea's Malm collection and other dressers have been redesigned following its initial (http://www.
The recalled chests and dressers are unstable if they are not properly anchored to the wall, posing a tip-over and entrapment hazard that can result in death or injuries to children," an Ikea (http://www.
99) Dressers have become synonymous with Wales, even if they were named after a Norman French word, to prepare food, and became popular in Britain in the form we know them after Charles II returned from France in the Restoration in the 17th century.
Not all dressers are Welsh," they write, "either by design or maker.
The north tended to go for enclosed cupboards with doors below the board but most dressers in the mid and the south featured an open-space below the board which was used to store domestic utensils.
W Pricken reports of new diamond materials from DeBeers that offer more consistent and predictable performance of wheel dressers.
Unlike traditional rotary dressers that rotate at speeds different from the grinding wheel, crush dressers match the speed exactly and dress the wheel by crushing the bond structure.
Antique dressers have risen so sharply in price that many people are taking the cheaper option of new dressers - but often insisting on traditional oak construction.
Some customers buying Welsh dressers as investments may be worried about their pensions and other financial products.
Greg Stevenson continues his series on the traditional crafts of Wales with a look at Welsh dressers
It was the popularity of dressers in Wales and the notable quality of their craftsmanship this side of the border that led to the generic term - the Welsh dresser - being adopted, even though similar pieces of furniture are found across most of continental Europe.
Dressers were used as serving tables and for storage and were made in various forms.
The first dressers date from the second half of the 17th Century and were a development from the mediaeval court cupboards used to store flagons, cups and plates.