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a city in southeastern Germany on the Elbe River

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For numbers and for carnage it was an Austerlitz or Dresden.
You all patter French more or less, and perhaps German; you have seen men and cities, no doubt, and have your opinions, such as they are, about schools of painting, high art, and all that; have seen the pictures of Dresden and the Louvre, and know the taste of sour krout.
She said in the coach yesterday that her pianist had fallen ill at Dresden.
Her people are German, she has been to school in Dresden, and is on her way out alone.
It was in vain for him to bring Mr Merdle to Lord Decimus to tell him the history of the unique Dresden vases.
Impatient to show herself in all her glory, Mademoiselle Cormon told Jacquelin to serve coffee and liqueurs in the salon, where he presently set out, in view of the whole company, a magnificent liqueur-stand of Dresden china which saw the light only twice a year.
While the initial development and production will be conducted at 1st Silicon's advanced process facilities in Kuching, the partners plan to provide volume production in both Kuching, Malaysia and Dresden, Germany.
Of a framework agreement for the purchase and delivery of interior and equipment hire for accommodation in the city of Dresden.
amp; DRESDEN, Germany -- ZMD AG, a leading provider of application specific integrated circuits for sensor and wireless applications, today announced the appointment of David Sanchez as its Distribution Sales and Marketing Manager for the North American standard products (ASSP) business unit.
Framework agreement for the purchase of paper for the municipal government, the municipal schools of Dresden as well as for urban hospitals Dresden-Friedrichstadt and Dresden-Neustadt.
The Munich "friends of the Dresden Frauenkirche in Munich" (FDFM) have once again organized a public relations tour for the Dresden Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady).
15 in 01069 Dresden and providing a citizen meetings for the purpose of an open social space work.
Nasdaq:DPMI), today announced that it has begun commercial production at the world's most advanced photomask production facility in Dresden, Germany.
Contract notice: Supply of blood products and services of the blood bank / transfusion medicine for the university hospital dresden at tu dresden as part of a joint venture; az .
AMD (NYSE:AMD) has announced today that it is planning to hold the topping off ceremony for its AMD Fab 36 in Dresden, Germany on May 17, 2004.