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United States novelist (1871-1945)

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4) Examining Dreiser and Wharton alongside their contemporary realist writers also leads us to regard them not as anomalies in the canon but as part of a vibrant movement to transform the conventions of classical realism for a new stage of modernity.
Carrie Meeber, the central character, leaves her countryside home in rural Wisconsin at the impressionable age of eighteen, drawn to the lights of Chicago--as young Dreiser had been--like a moth to a flame.
of the era of William Dean Howells and the Realists, Dreiser had been
This comprises the best of Donald Pizer's essays on Theodore Dreiser.
I concentrate on the ways in which works by Norris and Dreiser draw attention to the difficulties inherent in conflating a Darwinian model of the natural world with individualism and the idea of natural rights.
Donald Pizer's lively and succinct American Naturalism and the Jews: Garland, Norris, Dreiser, Wharton, and Cather explores a riddle that has long dogged scholars of American literary naturalism: how could writers whose reformist politics were otherwise so liberal indulge in the crude semantics of antisemitism?
American Hungers is a polemic with complex insights concerning five authors who wrote about poverty (Herman Melville, Theodore Dreiser, Edith Wharton, James Agee, and Richard Wright) and their literary contexts.
Dreiser would become Fort's best friend and ardent champion.
Although Frank Norris, Theodore Dreiser, and Edith Wharton are considered naturalists, Hamlin Garland typically a regionalist, and Willa Cather a modernist, Pizer's useful, if terse, study brings them together for their shared participation in antisemitic culture, despite their erstwhile commitments to progressive reform and enlightened values in other social areas.
Porsche Asia Pacific manager - motorsport, Michael Dreiser, added: "This is an exciting opportunity both for the series and for our drivers.
On the American intellectual scene, Modernism's exponents included Edgar Allan Poe and, later, Jack London, Upton Sinclair, and Theodore Dreiser.
This is an exciting opportunity both for the series and for our drivers," Porsche Asia Pacific motorsport manager Michael Dreiser was quoted as saying of the event.
With respect to Dreiser, claims Link, 'we discover that works such as Sister Carrie and The Financier implement a romantic symbolism that seeks to embody and reveal the abstract, hidden forces in nature in a way more reminiscent of the romantics than the realists' (p.
Traditional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs vs placebo (n = 4): Four high quality studies (Campbell and Dunn 1994, Dreiser et al 1993a, Mazieres et al 2005, Slatyer et al 1997) compared the effects of traditional nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to placebo.
Bruce Robbins does not discuss Sister Carrie at length in his new book Upward Mobility and the Common Good--his preferred Dreiser novel is The Financier (1912)--but he renders this reading possible through his groundbreaking argument that fiction's perennial narratives of upward mobility cannot be understood outside of the countervailing, half-formed, and ambivalent ways of imagining the common good whose historical trajectory was the welfare state.