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Synonyms for dramatist


Synonyms for dramatist

someone who writes plays


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SUNDAY 7 Cinema / Jack Rosenthal on Jack Rosenthal Street If you've ever visited Manchester arts venue HOME, you may well have noticed that one of the surroundings streets is named Jack Rosenthal Street - a fitting tribute, of course, to the late, great Manchester-born dramatist Jack Rosenthal.
Chicago Dramatists has been an artistic home to more than 120 resident playwrights.
The credibility of the volume's editors is enhanced by the fact that both, and especially Headrick, have befriended many of these women dramatists and have directed or performed in several of the works chronicled in the book.
Other winners included the San Francisco Playhouse, the Chicago Dramatists, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Theatre and Dallas Theater Center.
The book begins with a brief history of the anti-lynching movement and a discussion of minstrelsy to give background on the cultural backdrop the black women dramatists confronted as they began to write for the stage.
The development of theatrical activities would have been slow, dramatists say, because society was unwilling to accept this kind of work easily.
The Festival presented variety of British contemporary shows and held a number of meetings to provide opportunities of opinions, experiments and knowledge among dramatists from different parts of the world.
Guwahati, May 11 (ANI): A group of 2,500 young dramatists plan to hold 1,000 shows of a play based on class discrimination on a single day in Guwahati.
That is, it offers commentators a means of 'considering the impact of all those involved in the production and dissemination of plays: dramatists, actors, shareholders, playhouse functionaries, patrons, audiences and publishers'.
NO writer was adjudged worthy of the drama medal, the National Eisteddfod's main prize for dramatists.
This study of American women dramatists of the Progressive Era focuses on five playwrights "who rose in prominence as professional dramatists at the turn of the century and who have been essentially overlooked by theatre scholars, their legacy to American theatre overshadowed by 'canonized' male writers of the period" (1).
After plugging away for years as a playhouse that supported writers without gaining a whole lot of recognition, Chicago Dramatists stands to benefit significantly from its history with "A Steady Rain."
(Stephen Temperley SOUVENIR, published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc--www.dramatists.com)
In keeping with the general approach to American culture that was prevalent in the middle years of the twentieth century, women dramatists were silenced and forgotten, and Eugene O'Neill was raised to the rank of father of the American Drama.