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The only pattern now to be discerned, as visual perception loses its definition, is black against grey, dark boughs against a darkening sky: "beakleaved boughs dragonish | damask the tool-smooth bleak light; black, / Ever so black on it" (ll.
It's the story of a young boy who wishes he could have a dragon for a pet--to him, dragons are just like dogs, except they have dragonish features such as multiple heads or being able to fly.
Her turn as a dragonish, controlling mum is the kind of performance that Oscar nominations are made of.
For the most part it is Malcolm Stent's own story, and he plays himself as a young boy in cap and short trousers, prompting effortless comedy from his dragonish grandmother's anxiety about how thin young Malcolm is.
Finally Paul Hirst provides a dragonish indictment of Thatcher and all her works.