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Synonyms for draftsman

a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

an artist skilled at drawing

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Since the service began in 2015, the DIFC Courts have registered over 5,000 wills, with more than 85 lawyers representing more than 80 law firms, based in the UAE and overseas, registered as Wills Draftsmen.
Law costs draftsmen are specialist lawyers who help to settle the legal costs of a court case.
The ETUC has never understood the necessity or sense of an own-initiative report that is now being turned against its draftsmen," it added.
Puerto Rican draftsmen will design the motors for the "Joint Strike Fighter", a program of the Defense Department that is defining the next generation of planes for the U.S.
Inspired not only by the animation artists he has worked so closely with, but also with such diverse draftsmen as Leonardo da Vinci and Von Dutch, Duerrstein has recently begun to explore the universally recognized characters created and developed by the legendary film director, Chuck Jones.
As has often been remarked since then, the bill was fed to Congress whole by Justice Department draftsmen and then dumped into the U.S.
Draftsmen and illustrators from all branches attend the Basic Multimedia Illustrator course held at the Defense Information School, searching for the necessary techniques to be a proficient and responsible artist in the Armed Forces.
ITS consists of two companies, "the mechanical engineering component, and one in which I train people to be draftsmen and information technology workers," says Mbemba.
Deploying the stylistic vocabularies associated with these painters and draftsmen, he simultaneously tests the conditions for the possibility of the expressive gesture as such.
With several daily briefings, Byers and the other draftsmen kept busy.
In 1967 it would have been LeWitt's practice to transcribe his own ideas; but later, when he began to do the wall drawings that were to become the genre most distinctive of his work, he more and more left the transcription of his ideas to what he terms "draftsmen." In a text from 1971 he wrote, "The artist conceives and plans the wall drawing.