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The Bernese Mountain Dog Club, for example, has a Novice Draft Dog (NDD) title in which all exercises are per formed on-leash and, in addition to other basic control exercises, the dog is required to perform a half-mile freight haul of 20 pounds.
This is called Brace Novice Draft Dog (BNDD), and is on-leash.
We first competed in April 2005 at the Chattahoochee Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Draft Test in Alpharetta, Georgia (Wills Park), and were competing to earn our Novice Draft Dog (NDD) title.
The new draft dog control orders propose to make it an offence for a person in charge of a dog to: fail to remove dog mess.
We use four Alaskan sled dogs--Muppin, Charlie, Willow and Laika--but most draft dogs will do as well.