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The Bernese Mountain Dog Club, for example, has a Novice Draft Dog (NDD) title in which all exercises are per formed on-leash and, in addition to other basic control exercises, the dog is required to perform a half-mile freight haul of 20 pounds.
This is called Brace Novice Draft Dog (BNDD), and is on-leash.
Nemo, a 130-pound bear of a dog whose registered name is Old North Farm Elliot's Alias, has earned his WDI (Water Dog I), WRD I (Water Rescue Dog I), RA (Rally Obedience) and TDD (Team Draft Dog) designations and is a Delta Pet Partners work therapy dog.
The new draft dog control orders propose to make it an offence for a person in charge of a dog to: fail to remove dog mess.
We use four Alaskan sled dogs--Muppin, Charlie, Willow and Laika--but most draft dogs will do as well.