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Synonyms for Dracaenaceae

one of two subfamilies to which some classification systems assign some members of the Agavaceae

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El picudo del agave, Scyphophorus acupunctatus Gyllenhal, es considerado un especialista en sus habitos alimentarios, ya que solo utiliza plantas pertenecientes a las familias Agavaceae y Dracaenaceae. La mayoria de las plantas hospederas de S.
It is considered a specialist in its feeding habits, because it only attacks a few species within the families Agavaceae and Dracaenaceae. Scyphophorus acupunctatus is the most important insect pest of wild and cultivated agaves around the world.
ohs.) Dioscoreaceae (Dahlgren & Clifford, 1982; Dahlgren et al., 1985) Dracaenaceae (Tamamshjan, 1951; pers.