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United States writer of children's books (1904-1991)

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A compelling selection of artworks from The Art of Dr.
You can purchase ties, boxers, blankets, t-shirts, and numerous other wardrobe essentials all paying tribute to the work of Dr.
Events will feature demonstrations of The Cat in the Hat interactive NOOKBook([TM]) and other Dr.
Geisel's WWII cartoons appear in Richard Minear's 1999 book Dr.
In Several Stories, which his Misnomer Dance Theatre brings to Battery Park this month, six dancers scuttle with the clean, exuberant line of early Nikolais/Louis works, their hesitant legs thrusting forward like the limbs of a praying mantis, They might be acolytes of Pan or creatures from the world of Dr.
Kemp (now retired from fifteen years service as a United Methodist pastor) reveals the popular children's stories penned by Dr.
If that weren't enough, Seuss fans are now enjoying a flurry of events and activities during a year-long tribute called "Seussentennial: A Century of Imagination," organized by Dr.
Featuring activities for students ranging from preschool to third grade, the site is divided into four main sections: a playground filled with interactive computer and print-and-play games; a biography area about Dr.
Scultpter Lark-Dimond Cates is the stepdauther of the late Ted Geisel, also known as Dr.
Last year Congress approved $550,000 for a museum about Dr.
An extremely unpleasant mother-figure just why mothers are such objects of ambivalence in Dr.