Henry Kissinger

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United States diplomat who served under President Nixon and President Ford (born in 1923)

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Though some historians and analysts believe that the third Vietnam War was a failure, Dr.
Citing personal transcripts from meetings with China's leaders, Dr.
Rogers on the "suggested position" to take with the Israeli prime minister, (52) and the second a background paper written for Dr.
Document 12, Telecon (telephone conversation) Elliott Richardson with Dr.
However, in the political and diplomatic world of President Nixon, Dr.
Should some awful maelstrom erupt abroad, we can continue to look to Dr.
The challenge is particularly difficult when the goal is as broad as describing the current state of the world and outlining the challenges facing it, as Dr.
His assessment of President Nixon focuses on the man's perceptive analysis of foreign policy (for which Dr.
The new NSC system, and especially the central, almost indispensable role of Dr.
After the decision to de-fuse the Viaux coup plot, at least temporarily, Dr.
My best contributions to BAS future will come from outside, from strategic corporate relationships and from strengthening shareholder value," Dr.