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a negative aspect of something that is generally positive

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2010) investigated relationship between risk and return in a downside risk framework and in a regular risk framework for stocks traded on The London and Paris Stock Exchanges and gave advantage to downside risk measures because they explained better mean returns than regular risk measures, Momcilovic et al.
However, as the economy continues growth below 1 percent for three straight quarters, concern over prolonged low growth is emerging, with the third quarter growth facing downside risks.
And there is downside risk in Next Generation, but there's downside risk, and you can choose the percentage of downside risk, much as in track 3 of MSSP.
10 October 2012 -- The flood of liquidity coming from global central banks has lowered the downside risk for the global economy, according to New York-based banking firm BNY Mellon's (NYSE: BK) Boston-based fixed income specialist Standish Mellon Asset Management Co.
Then we propose our assumptions, propose a model with a downside risk constraint, and report the equilibrium strategies.
As medidas de downside risk sao mais positivamente correlacionadas com o retorno dos ativos quando comparadas com o beta ([beta]), o risco total dos ativos ([sigma]), o risco idiossincratico (R_idioss) e o tamanho da empresa.
The comprehensive (although heterogeneous) series of contributions--from professionals, practitioners, and academics--on the concept of downside risk offers a survey of the ways that such risk can be defined and dealt with, based on a half century of theoretical developments.
However, a performance plan based on a careful calibration and balancing of upside and downside risk will reward employees to the greatest extent possible for things over which they do have influence.
After controlling for the market beta, the size effect, and the book-to-market effect, the average rate of return on stocks with the greatest downside risk exceeds the average rate of return on stocks with the least downside risk by 6.
BOJ Governor Masaru Hayami said Tuesday the downside risk for the Japanese economy had increased slightly since the BOJ's assessment in April.
The study also found that multinational companies showed no difference in downside risk when compared to firms with just domestic operations.
This same client may want to continue to own stock in her former employer but still seeks protection against the downside risk.
In his research on the current regulatory framework for trading books -- which utilizes Value-at-Risk and Stress Testing to assess downside risk and to determine capital adequacy - he found those measures to be inadequate to prevent future economic turmoil.
In Moody's view, the other key downside risk is an unexpectedly prolonged period of very low inflation and growth.
However, if we realised a downside risk, that would be a more significant event.