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a period of time when something (as a machine or factory) is not operating (especially as a result of malfunctions)

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As part of the service, we can also install the unique ClixCooler Heat Exchanger, available exclusively from Forward Industrial, which can be used as a soft piped cooling system during maintenance and repairs to other cooling systems thus reducing overall down time.
The planned down time at the Springfield mill will be the longest in recent memory, Sawyer said.
It's a 100-1 chance for England to ever run down time while drawing at home under McClaren's charge.
Down time is one of the most costly situations on any job site, but it can largely be avoided by implementing a policy of preventative maintenance, such as fluid level checks and pressure checks.
Catastrophic failures in grinders and shredders can cost enormous amounts of time and money to repair, not to mention the opportunity costs of the down time.
After a meeting of the bosses yesterday, the employers came up with a new form of words covering the stand down time - which states firefighters be allowed "reasonable rest periods" in stand down time.
But a sticking point over so-called stand down time has suddenly emerged.
Simulation allows the students to make mistakes with little or no down time.
Although it is set up foremost to feed the shear, the handler gets little down time, as the crew finds other uses for it on those occasions when the shear is down.
Claricon has now extended the capability of the CLARiNET SCANPOINT module to allow data capture for the causes of down time.
Or must you make arrangements for off-site maintenance, which will increase your down time when the machines break down?
Employees are under increasing pressure due to redundancies and cost--cutting over the last 18 months but are balancing their lives by taking more down time, according to recruitment consultancy, Robert Walters.
I am currently running 30 to 35 miles a week and hope that there is no down time to recover from this mishap.
For example, PPT is influenced by queue time, move time, down time, set up, inspection and rework.
It gives us room to grow, and has power redundancy to alleviate down time issues.