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Colored page edges differentiate the different categories, such as loons and grebes, doves and pigeons, hummingbirds, strikes and vireos, warblers, and finches and house sparrows.
The RSPCA say the 12 doves and pigeons, discovered on a flat roof in Church Street on September 24, were poisoned.
LEBANON - Between 15 and 20 doves and pigeons, and one chicken, perished in a fire that started in a chicken coop Wednesday morning and spread to a neighboring shop on Snow Peak Drive, prompting several fire agencies to respond.
Many claim the rock pigeon to be the most difficult target of all open-country birds, They have longer wings for their size than most other doves and pigeons and consequently fly faster while not really seeming to.
Doves and pigeons don't just fly anywhere - they fly home.