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United States abolitionist who escaped from slavery and became an influential writer and lecturer in the North (1817-1895)

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8221; Douglass Colony's project scope included the installation of stainless steel sheet metal, aluminum screen panels, stainless steel standing seam metal roof, fencing, ACM composite metal wall panels, column covers, soffit panels, PVC roof, EPDM roof, and a plaza paver system.
I am genuinely honored to receive this award," Douglass said.
While the bulk of this study deals with Douglass and Ireland, in later chapters, his 1886 tour to North Africa and Egypt is considered.
Born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey in February 1818, the abolitionist, editor and civil rights leader later known as Frederick Douglass was the son of a slave named Harriet Bailey.
Geordies Wa Mental by David John Douglass is published by Christie Books, PO Box 35, Hastings East Sussex TN34 2UX, pounds 9.
Professor Chester Douglass had already been active in promoting fluoridation and had financial ties to Colgate
Douglass was even a guest at Lincoln's 1865 inaugural reception.
Sanelli and Rodriguez, who both teach history at the Frederick Douglass Institute at Kutztown U.
Malcolm Douglass pleaded guilty to carrying out a 'distraction burglary' at the 88-year-old woman's home in Valley Road, Leamington.
a Little Rock entity that organizes focus groups for clients around the country, has teamed up with Craig Douglass, president of Little Rock marketing group Craig Douglass Communications, to study how people are spending their money.
Frederick Douglass has been hailed as one of history's most inspirational leaders and is a personal hero of Barack Obama who called him "the father of the civil rights movement" in his St Patrick's Day speech this year.
BRP Companies and Halstead Property Development Marketing announced that 61% of units are under contract of at The Douglass, a new high-end condominium development in South Harlen at 2110 Frederick Douglass Boulevard and the corner of 114th Street.
71/2-foot-tall bronze Douglass statue unveiled, memorializing Douglass as an enduring role model for social justice
However the doctor also said he thought having a full note would not have changed his treatment of Mr Douglass.
David Douglass said: "One of the reasons given was it happened so long ago.