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Synonyms for doughnut

a toroidal shape

a small ring-shaped friedcake

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Why, she untied the raven and confiscated him by force and fetched him home, and left the doughnuts and things on the ground.
Don't care if you are; you'd better mind yourself, and tell how you took away my strap, and kept the biggest doughnut, and didn't draw fair when we had the truck.
And while she closed with a happy Scriptural flourish, he "hooked" a doughnut.
Her dinner pail swung from her right hand, and she had a blissful consciousness of the two soda biscuits spread with butter and syrup, the baked cup-custard, the doughnut, and the square of hard gingerbread.
I'll bet a doughnut you're nothing but some kid's poor old Fido, masquerading around as a real, live man-eater.
There was the doughty doughnut, the tender olykoek, and the crisp and crumbling cruller; sweet cakes and short cakes, ginger cakes and honey cakes, and the whole family of cakes.
will offer an array of doughnuts made from scratch, including its top-selling vanilla cream doughnut, said owner Sovannary Vong, who also owns locations in Batavia and St.
American Express (NYSE: AXP) and Delta Air Lines have announced their national #DeltaAmexPerks Dough On-The-Go tour, which will treat Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Members with complimentary doughnuts from favorite local doughnut shops across the country throughout the summer, the companies said.
For more than 170 years doughnuts have been delighting fans the world over.
The two most common types of doughnuts are the toroidal ring donut and the filled doughnut.
LIVERPOOL went nuts for doughnuts yesterday when hundreds queued for the opening of the new Dunkin' Donuts store.
Dunkin' Donuts outlets in the UAE serve up a wide spectrum of popular products, including a wide variety of doughnuts, hot and iced coffee, hot and iced lattes, cappuccinos, coolatta slush drinks, munchkins and other baked goods and beverages.
From Almond Doughnut Holes with Cherry Dipping Sauce, to Boston Cream Doughnuts, Baked Gluten-Free Chocolate Doughnuts with Butterscotch Glaze, Sticky Toffee Pudding Doughnuts, Banana Cream Pie Doughnuts and much more, Doughnuts
Readi-Bake, has launched an innovative new range of sticky doughnuts into the finished doughnut market following an increase in demand for ring doughnuts.
So we've gathered a gaggle of ideas -- vampire doughnuts, candied apple skulls, goblet graves and doughnut spiders -- from Matthew Mead's new book, ''Halloween Spooktacular,'' for setting a spooky tone for your Halloween table without setting you back.