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utensil consisting of a cylinder (usually of wood) with a handle at each end

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The court heard Abdi moved to the UK from Iran in 2008 and took over Dough Roller in 2013, having worked there under a previous owner.
Once inside the High Street South store, they stole a kebab grille, chip warmer, industrial food mixer, and a dough roller.
Using a lattice dough roller, cut one sheet puff pastry into three 2-inch circles.
It also expanded its collection of dough rollers that create fillable pastries in a variety of decorative shapes.
THE Dough Rollers will play a set at The Dark Horse in Moseley tonight.
While Jack has his own blues band called The Dough Rollers, who recently toured with Bob Dylan, Romy recently told him that she wants to be an actress.