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any language that pretends to communicate but actually does not

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There must be a fixed timetable for ending the hostilities and, unlike what was witnessed after the meeting between the two leaders, the atmosphere must not be contaminated with the use of political double speak and ambiguity.
Double speak for getting away with as much as he can while us 'plebs' work our tripe out and pay through our noses.
The protestors described such profane sketches and movies as the greatest danger to the world peace and demanded of the global community to shun the policy of double speak.
Talk of 2011 being a "transition period" is double speak for not quite knowing what is going to happen in the longer term.
The word double speak first appeared in which George Orwell novel?
I got fed up watching smug, arrogant and desperate politicians avoid answering questions, using double speak, making promises they couldn't keep and being so economical with the truth the English language may need a new category for where exactly lies begin.
It's time for terrorists to wake up to the fact people are sick of their double speak and double standards.
THE world's football rulers have come up with a piece of double speak that would make any spin doctor proud.
Thus, no professor in double speak could have divined that nine days later, on 18 March, Clare Short would be choking on her words and making one of the biggest U-turns in British politics: