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an affirmative constructed from two negatives

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a grammatically substandard but emphatic negative

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One of the screenshots showed a netizen who commented, 'A double negative is the nonstandard usage of two negatives used in the same sentence so that they cancel each other and create a positive.'
| Double negatives are a thing in Welsh politics The best was Andrew RT Davies' 'We don't want no top-down [NHS] reorganisation'.
the ana- gram and gram -mar of mar- gins and mar- igolds begins another poem in "Arrow's shadow." Here, the anagrammatic play of words is made blatant, while the phrase "mar of mar" works as a kind of double negative, leading, in the way of double negatives, to an ambivalent affirmation ("I do not not love you!").
I tell her she knows not to use double negatives, so she bats back with a cutting comment about my lack of prowess at maths and technology.
In a humorous fashion, he describes many examples, such as the real origins of the term computer bug, why the use of "ain't" is not bad English, double negatives, and the use of figurative vs.
"I won't not use no double negatives" - Nancy Cartwright, voice of Bart in The Simpsons, who was born on October 25, 1957
With that in mind, you can tell every time the traffic reporter says "the alternate route," he/she means to say "the alternative route"; when the reporter writes "regime" for an administrative program or system or a diet, he means to say "regimen"; that a sentence denoting a negative takes "or" to avoid double negatives, with "nor" only used if the following is a clause:
THERE'S never a day of the week when you don't (sorry about the double negatives there!) see members of the editorial staff at the ECHO slaving over a hot computer.
Whatever suspicions are aroused by this highly cinematic setting, the girl's good looks and her undeniable TVQ are ultimately offset by the law of double negatives: Fiction times two equals an even higher form of reality.
As he explains in a recent essay that itself might have formed a fine introduction to a separate edition of Harlem Gallery, Tolson's last poem with "its extensive and precise learnedness and uncompromising obscurities, its syncopations of puns, neologisms, double negatives, labyrinthian syntax, and acrobatic prosody...
Strings of negatives, litotes, double negatives, and antitheses in the Liberata are catalogued and interpreted in light of the Counter-Reformation's emphasis on prescription, censorship, and "the drive towards narrative closure" (109).
The new spots - presumably aimed at replacing double negatives with positives, however lukewarm - will attempt to focus viewers' attention on plastics used in products like football helmets and artificial hips.
Although double negatives are generally discouraged in verbal languages ("Don't use no double negatives no time, no way"), they work well graphically and are widely used in icons and visual symbols.
Double negatives are among the worst of grammatical crimes.
Efficiency rules include using simple words and expressions, omitting superfluous words, using the active voice and avoiding double negatives, while effectiveness rules include beginning by stating the object of the exercise and avoiding using a demonstrative pronoun as a noun.