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of or relating to or in the style of Feodor Dostoevski


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(Diaz is characteristically observant of Filipino class distinctions, as when Eliza is unable to understand a lawyer who speaks to her in English.) In true Dostoyevskian fashion, the suffering couple approach sainthood in their selfless determination to remain hopeful and help others in need.
Focusing on the mother's vanity, the father's materialism and the daughter's ingratitude, David Golder could serve as a melodrama for the Yiddish stage, yet its Dostoyevskian intensity makes it difficult to put down.
He ponders spiritual matters in Bresson and his contemporaries from such perspectives as tragedy and homily in Days of Wrath, close encounters of a devilish kind in Pialat's Under the Sun of Satan, mirabile visu et dictu in Loach's Raining Stones and Rohmer's A Tale of Winter, the space of time and the sound of silence in Ozon's Under the Sand and Tsai's What Time Is It There, The Passion of Christ and the new cinema of violence, and Dostoyevskian surges and Bressonian spirits in Kerrigan's Keane and Bresson's Une Femme douce.
(32.) Fielding's domestic novel at least once edges towards a nightmarish Dostoyevskian tale; Sergeant Atkinson, who has a long-running crush on Amelia, wakes up from a dream and thinks he has strangled his apparently blood-soaked wife; he has been dreaming that he was dispatching Amelia's would-be seducer Colonel James (Bk.
The article also calls Zidane's legend "a mix of secret king, a Dostoyevskian sweet man, the ideal Beur son-in-law, future mayor of Marseilles and the charismatic captain leading his troops to consecration." These expressions seem to be uplifting enough to move, at least, Zidane fans.
Like Dougal in Gunn's novel The Serpent (1943), Art uses the "religion of the individual" to guard himself "against creeds and the existing economic system in which he did not believe." (80) Yet it is Old Hector who finally must argue his case, first before a Dostoyevskian Questioner and then before God himself.
This is a change of quantity into quality: if the narrator of The Puzzles of Childhood and the Quest for Grace reveals a certain Dostoyevskian angst, the diarist appears, at times, positively deranged: an utterly self-excoriating character, obsessed with the 'flaws in his clay'.
For instance, the Cartesian Idiot to be found in Difference and Repetition will be subsequently transformed into a Dostoyevskian Russian Idiot by the time we get to Cinema 2.
Years earlier Whittaker Chambers, whom Trilling had known when they were undergraduates in the 1920s, had sat on a bench in that peaceful quadrangle and tried to decide whether he should join the Communist Party or commit suicide--a Dostoyevskian moment.
(1.) Dale Peterson, for example, maintains that "In Native Son Wright moved boldly toward a Dostoyevskian exposure of the lacerated psyche of the insulted and the injured" (381); and for an innovative analysis of the psychosexual complexities grounding Bigger Thomas's social identity, see Roderick Ferguson's Aberrations in Black, especially 31-53.
counterpart in the drunkenness of his loveless "Dostoyevskian
Obviously, Adorno's position says little about how this goal is to be achieved; furthermore, this point seems open to the Dostoyevskian argument that you can steal people's freedom by giving them bread.
FROM THE BEGINNING of her by now long career, Joyce Carol Oates has always been a writer to conjure with, taking up the aesthetic legacy of Flannery O'Connor and embracing the Dostoyevskian themes of crime and punishment, sin and redemption.
We identify with the Dostoyevskian view of the modern world that a peaceful and sustainable existence cannot be found via a universal solvent to remove, cut through or somehow transcend all our differences.