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of or relating to or in the style of Feodor Dostoevski


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In true Dostoyevskian fashion, the suffering couple approach sainthood in their selfless determination to remain hopeful and help others in need.
The lack within individual life, which itself depends upon the absence of carnival (Lockean theory sees the body as one's original item of property), and the replacement of carnival by tragedy, are excellently discussed here as to their implications (the book gets better and better as it goes on in its suggestiveness) and the Dostoyevskian novel brings back the concept of intersubjectivity and awareness of otherness through participation in language.
Although the poetic power of his images and the Dostoyevskian intensity of his characterizations compel reader participation, he does not bother to present much sociological detail or surface psychology.
Ferguson identifies the cultural expression of history-as-anarchy as Dostoyevskian despair.
On the one hand, the Paul that emerges from Wilson's book is a lonely genius of religion, a wild, ecstatic spirit, ``the first romantic poet,'' a Dostoyevskian, even Nietzschean figure.
Its didactic potential is hard to exaggerate: imagine combining Girard's theory of sacred violence with Balthasar's sensitivity to the drama of love in God's crucified form and couple this with a Dostoyevskian ear for the disruptive power of Scripture.
Whereas, say, the Joycean or even Dostoyevskian anti-hero's is (in Auden's phrase) a "self-observed, observing mind," and this self-reflexivity colors perception with a libidinal passion turned grotesquely upon itself, in Daitch's fiction, as in that of her modernist female precursors Woolf and Barnes, libidinal passion seems channeled into the act of perception, and the orthodoxy of self-reflexive alienation/piety is thereby reconfigured within the larger male/heroic tradition.
1 NORTE, THE END OF HISTORY (Lay Diaz) Lay Diaz's Dostoyevskian at four hours, a mere sip for this hitherto-oceanic filmmaker--may prove the greatest work of the Philippine New Wave.
Sometimes these characters are a shade too convincing for comfort, as if some Dostoyevskian doppelganger is crouched gibbering behind the thin veil of the narrative about to burst through into the real-life headlines.
The striking first sentence about the Brandenburg horse dealer Michael Kohlhaas declares that he was "one of the most upright and at the same time one of the most terrible men of his day" His character (like Kleist's Prince of Homburg, Count F--in The Marquise of 0--and others) embraces opposed moral extremes--unnaturally, according to the old rationalist psychology, only too naturally according to the Dostoyevskian psychology Kleist anticipates.
Some Dostoyevskian Themes in the Work of Maksim Gorky.
7 NORTE, THE END OF HISTORY (Lay Diaz) Eschewing many of the now-cliche moves of so-called slow cinema while still demonstrating a major investment in duration, Diaz's Dostoyevskian tale is a potent and poetic indictment of contemporary Filipino society.
It was a modern Russian, the Dostoyevskian philosopher Sergei Levitzky, who noted that "the denial of the Absolute leads to the absolutization of the relative," in effect, to the deification of the self.
In the terms of that great Dostoyevskian exchange between the Savage and the Controller at the end of Chapter 17 in Huxley's masterpiece, we have come down pretty firmly on the side of the Controller, and trust to science to cope with whatever unpleasant consequences may attend our choice.
Divergent in vision, they nevertheless share a propensity for the long take and tableau structure; a fondness for desolate landscapes and haunted, life-battered faces; and a Dostoyevskian sense of existence as hell.