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United States writer noted for her sharp wit (1893-1967)

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WOMEN HOLD UP HALF THE SKY Clockwise from left: Ada Lovelace; Gerda Taro; and Dorothy Parker
The Penguin Dorothy Parker, edited by Brendan Gill (Penguin, 1977) Knowing Dorothy Parker initially for her whip smart one-liners, it was a revelation to discover the depth and pathos of the poems and short stories in this collection.
Other inductees include NBC News anchor Brian Williams, jazz great Dizzy Gillespie, chef Alice Waters, author Dorothy Parker, basketball great Patrick Ewing, The Shirelles and former Gov.
Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger, Dorothy Parker, Cole Porter, Jean Cocteau and more.
Kevin Prendergast's apprentice Sam James, who only returned from injury on Friday, recorded a smooth all-the-way victory for his boss on the 4/5 favourite Dorothy Parker in the five furlong maiden
Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers, the Printer as Designer and Craftsman from 1700-1914 David Jury (Thames and Hudson, PS36) Since this excellent book concerns graphic design in all its forms, I was reminded of a story concerning the legendary Dorothy Parker, once part of a circle of American wits who, in a way, have never been equalled in the annals of wit and style, something which reached its high point in the New York of the 1930s and forties.
It also collects portraits of Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Truman Capote, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Lee Harvey Oswald, Madonna, Bill Clinton, and others as they appeared in some of his best magazine pieces.
of Washington) examines how stories of emotional trauma and psychological stress impacted 150 journalist-turned-novelists and journalist-literary figures in the US and UK from the early 1700s to today, like Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway, Elie Wiesel, Dorothy Parker, Jack London, Virginia Woolf, and Truman Capote.
Debate over whether to save UWS Dorothy Parker home [DNAinfo]
Built at the turn of the 19th century, the Algonquin became famous for its Round Table, a circle of writers and actors that frequented the hotel, including Robert Benchley, Dorothy Parker, and Robert Sherwood.
Watson wasn't perfect, however, and made some baffling errors such as coming up with Dorothy Parker instead of The Elements of Style and repeating other contestants' mistakes.
Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker, Budd Schulberg, and Nathanael West.
This poem shares common ground with her wittier, younger compatriot, Dorothy Parker.
To paraphrase Dorothy Parker, this is not an idea to be tossed aside lightly.
FORMER US President Calvin Coolidge slept so much that, when he died, the writer Dorothy Parker remarked "How can they tell?