Dorothy Hodgkin

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English chemist (born in Egypt) who used crystallography to study the structure of organic compounds (1910-1994)

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En 1934, John Desmond Bernal (1901-1971) y Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (1910-1994) reportaron que los cristales de pepsina mantenidos en su liquido madre originaban excelentes patrones de difraccion, pero ninguna de las tecnicas analiticas ni computacionales les permitieron interpretar los datos obtenidos (2).
Writing about his friend Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, chemist, pioneer crystallographer, and political activist, Perutz says: "I felt embarrassed when I was awarded the Nobel Prize before Dorothy, whose great discoveries .
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, who lived from 1910 to 1994, was an outstanding world scientist of our century.
Ferry's orientation to the scientific context may even understate the remarkable personal qualities that Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin brought to her scientific, political and private life.