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genus of Eurasian perennial tuberous or rhizomatous herbs: leopard's bane

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These Oreina species all have a narrow diet breadth comprising a single plant genus in some species, that is, Oreina coerulea on Centaurea species (Cardueae), Oreina melanocephala on Doronicum species (Senecioneae), and Oreina virgulata on Cirsium species (Cardueae).
Achillea tomentosa, armeria, doronicum, heuchera, Juniperus conferia, Lysimachia nummularia, Rubus calycinoides, saxifrage (shown in the photogragh above), and Vinca minor battle it out on the rest of the slope, gaining territory where they can.
sylvestris, Luzula nivea y Ranunculus platanifolius, Clematis vitalba, Doronicum pardalianches, Myrrhis odorata, Rubus idaeus subsp.
Herbaceous plants with fibrous crowns, like Achillea, Doronicum, Hemerocallis, Geum, Gypsophila, Lychnis, Monarda, Phlox, Rudbeckia, Thalictrum, Trollius and Veronica are the easiest to divide, the best time for this after flowers have died back and new shoots and roots started to form.
A Spring flowering perennials that form clumps like pulmonaria and doronicum can be cut back and divided in May.
Doronicum plantagineum 'Harpur Crewe' is probably one of the most commonly planted and, flowering as it does at 600mm (24in) high, it is an ideal spring border plant to follow on after the daffodils have done their job but before the Irises, Lupins and delphiniums start to do theirs.
Cut back clumps of spring-flowering perennials such as pulmonaria and doronicum, to encourage a fresh flush of foliage.
And there's alchemilla mollis, Japanese anemones - especially the white varieties - aquilegias, astrantias, brunnera, campanula persicifolia, coreopsis verticillata, dicentra spectabilis, doronicum Miss Mason, echinops ritro, geraniums Wargrave, grandiflorum and Johnson's Blue, geum Mrs Bradshaw and Lady Stratheden, heleniums, hemerocallis or day lillies, lupins, lychnis coronaria, monarda, nepeta, phlox, pulmonarias, rudbeckias, sedum spectabile, sidalcea, stachys lanata and tradescantia.
Other good plantings include Leopard's bane, Doronicum, a group of yellow daisy-flowered perennials which are clump forming, hardy, will grow in most soils and take shade.
Then Comeragh King trounces Doronicum (Gordon Richards/John Hansen) in the three-miler, before Gold Options takes the novice from Ringmore (John Parkes/ Richard Fahey, 4lb claim).
Primroses, the yellow daisies flowers of doronicum, and the frothy cream heads of Sweet Cicely (myrrhis odorata).
lobelii, Cerinthe auriculata, Epipactis meridionalis, Limodorum brulloi, Cardamine battagliae, and a fairly high number of amphi-Adriatic species such as Geranium versicolor, Ranunculus brutius, Lamium flexuosum, Lathyrus grandiflorus, Lathyrus digitatus, Melittis albida, Doronicum orientale, Huetia cynapioides, which are restricted to the southern Apennines as far as their Italian distribution is concerned.
I would not suggest that you have a dandelion border in your garden but the yellow flowers of the Leopards Bane, Doronicum, could provide a good substitute to complement the display of bluebells.
Their botanical name is doronicum ( derived from the Arab term for the plant, doronigi, and the nickname of leopard's bane refers to the plant's reputed ability to ward off wild animals.